PTFE Conveyor Belt Jointing Machine For On Site Use

PTFE-SchweißeisenPresse für die Verbindung von Förderbändern vor Ort

PTFE Conveyor Belt Jointing Machine

What is the conveyor belt jointing machine designed for?

This machine is designed to weld and join the surfaces of PTFE conveyor belts and materials. This is almost always the joint area to make the belt in to an endless band on a machine.

What examples of machinery would benefit from this?

There are two main markets this machine is aimed at as follows.

  • Continuous cooking of foods on contact grilling lines
  • The pressing and forming of flour tortillas from dough balls

In the example of continuous contact grilling, there are a few main machine types in the global market this machine would suit the welding of belt joints. Machines such as JBT Stein ProGrill, Formcook and Berief. They all have in common the use of PTFE conveyor belts that require welding onto the machine.

The mentioned machine types all tend to run belts that are placed one on the top and one on the bottom. As product passed through the machine it is compressed slightly by the two PTFE conveyor belts. Heater banks on the inside surface of the belts provide the heat to cook the product, while the PTFE / non-stick surface of the conveyor belt allows the foods to cook and release without sticking to it.

The other benefit of the PTFE surface used is that is it heat resistant which is ideal for these type of processes.

In the example of pressing and forming of flour tortilla from dough, the machines are designed in a very similar way to the contact grilling lines. The main difference is that heat is generally applied from the above only rather than top and bottom.

The top sheets of tortilla lines are usually fixed too with a platen that moves back and forth. The principle of welding the belt joint together on the bottom belt is the same however.

What are the benefits of using this machine over the traditional hand held iron?

A hand held iron can certainly do the job. The main downsides to the iron are as follows:

  • Slow warm up times
  • Heat loss when in use
  • Inconsistent joints as each person using it has their own standard

Benefits of using the automatic PTFE Conveyor belt jointing machine

  • Every weld is the same, regardless who uses it
  • The time to weld the joint is always the same
  • The whole weld process only takes 12 minutes from start to finish

We are based overseas, can you make this to suit our local electric supply?

Yes, this is something we regularly do. We just need a few pieces of information that would ask upon enquiry, however the price is the same regardless of supply requirements.

Do you offer training?

We offer to come to site anywhere in the world and only charge the cost of travel. Our time is free. We also supply a comprehensive instruction manual and are on hand to assist over the phone as well.

Contact Techbelt on 0044 (0) 1422 366386 or email at with your enquiry where we would be pleased to help.

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