PTFE Fabrics -Techbelt

PTFE Fabrics -Techbelt
PTFE Fabrics -Techbelt
PTFE Fabrics -Techbelt

What are PTFE Fabrics?

PTFE Fabrics materials that have been coated / impregnated with PTFE. The material that is coated is usually a woven glass or Kevlar cloth. This gives the material is strength.

What types are available?

PTFE fabrics are available from Techbelt in both closed weave and mesh versions. They are also available in a variety of thickness’s and coating specifications depending on the intended use. Our technical sales team can advise on your application.


What is the availability of these products?

Our PTFE material and fabrics are available from stock. we offer them in both roll form as well as finished conveyor belts. Our average lead time for roll goods in 2-3 working days. Our average production time for conveyor belts is 5-7 working days.

How are they made?

PTFE fabrics are manufactured by presenting a woven glass cloth substrate to a liquid bath of PTFE dispersion. The glass cloth is then submerged in the bath of PTFE which in turn gives the fabric a thin coating. Excess PTFE is wiped from the surface of the carrier leaving the remaining amount of PTFE to be passed through a number of heated zones.

Banks of heaters are set at differing temperatures which are set to slowly cure the PTFE dispersion. This is called sintering. Once the PTFE has been sintered the roll process is then repeated until the desired level of coating is achieved.

What specification options can you provide?

There are many different additives that can be used to acheive different result. Carbon can be added to manufacture an anti-static material, while coloured pigments can be added to produce PTFE fabrics with different colours. Blue, for example, is becoming more popular within the food processing industry as this is the only colour that is not naturally found in food.

Different grades of fiberglass and Kevlar loomstates are used depending on the type of finished product that is required. Materials for food drying applicaitons can be made in open mesh versions which allow for airflow, this optimised the drying process for maximum effeciency.

Techbelt has been working hard over the past twelve months on increasing productivity by investing in new equipment. This investment has helped us to keep up with the increased demand for our  fabrics and belts coated with PTFE, ensuring we deliver a high quality product with minimal lead times.

How can we get in touch about your PTFE Fabrics?

Keep checking our blog for regular updates on Techbelts products and servies. If you require any samples or specific information on our PTFE fabrics, please call our office on +44 (0)1422 366386 or e mail us at

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