What is PTFE Tape For?

PTFE Tape Its Uses

It depends on which PTFE tape you are looking for. There are two kinds. One is the extremely common type that is used for sealing threads on pipework.

This is usually white in color and is supplied in the form of a PTFE film. The film is wrapped around threads and prevents fluid or air from leaking.

PTFE tape on a large roll
A Custom Made PTFE Tape


The other type, which Techbelt supplies, is PTFE that has been coated on to a glass cloth material. It looks like the product in the image on this page.

At Techbelt we these types of PTFE Tapes:-

  • Metal Detectable tape for use in the food industry primarily
  • Adhesive tapes made to custom sizes (slitting)
  •  Film tape
  • Zone Tapes
  • Skived (cut to size)
  • Tensilized
  • UHMW

This product is used extensively on packaging machinery and used as a release material or barrier between wire sealing elements and plastic.

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