Quickpack Machine Spares PTFE Tape Spares

Semi Automatic Espert 5040EV Shrink Wrapper PTFE Tape

Do you need to replace the PTFE non-stick release tape on your Quickpack machine?

At Techbelt we stock a vast amount of replacement PTFE tapes for Quickpack machines that are used for vacuum, automatic, wrapping and skin packaging. If we don’t have stock of your model of Quickpack machine spares of PTFE tapes  we can make/supply tapes for just some of the models:-

  • QP45A
  • QP45E
  • 4550PC-JP
Quickpack PTFE Tape Spares
Quickpack Machines PTFE Tape Spares

What is An L Sealer Machine

These machines are called L-sealers because they make an L-shaped seal which makes the end and side seal of a single package as well as the front seal of the trailing package. L sealer shrink wrapper machines are used to create a bag of heat sensitive shrink film around products.

Techbelt has a huge stock of PTFE adhesive tapes ready to be slit from stock.  We can slit from 10mm wide to 1500mm wide on our Cevenini E305 slitter.

We offer super-fast dispatch dates as well as highly competitive prices.

Please get in touch today at +44 (0) 1422 366 386 or email at

** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any – machine brand name is to inform you of the machine type our PTFE tapes can be made to fit **


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-Major Announcement- Techbelt USA is now officially launched, bringing premium PTFE tapes and conveyor belting to the US

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