Reconstituted wood and the use of PTFE sheets.

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Reconstituted wood release sheet Reconstituted wood release sheet

Reconstituted wood.

Reconstituted wood products are made from particles of wood that are compressed to sheet to form (MDF) medium density fiberboard and (MFC) melamine faced chipboard. MFC is used on the majority of office and home furniture on the market with melamine being the finishing surface laminated to a chipboard compression.

The reconstituted wood is pressed and compressed together at extremely high temperatures and generally left for a period of time to allow the adhesives used to cure and set.

Release and impression sheets for lamination of reconstituted wood.

PTFE (Teflon) sheets are used in the final layer of the compression and act as a release sheet. This stops any adhesive from sticking to the plate as well as offering a super smooth surface to help create a high gloss finish on the final surface. The PTFE coated fiberglass sheet offers excellent durability and will resist any chemical and heat used in the bonding process. The lamination process is carried out on a multi-daylight press.

If the effect of a wood grain is required then the top plate of the reconstituted wood press will have a textured surface to leave the impression on the melamine surface.

Key notes 

  • PTFE (Teflon) fabrics should not be used at temperatures above 260C on a continual basis as this will reduce the life cycle
  • Our PTFE (Teflon) sheet should only be used when a super smooth high gloss finish is required and not at the same time as the textured plates.
  • The preferred material for this application is a 0.25mm thick grade (Tefsil 10)

Techbelt offers all our material from stock with Tefsil 10 being ideally suited for this application and can be dispatched the same day from our vast inventory.

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