Replacement PTFE Adhesive Tapes

Is PTFE Tape The Same As Teflon Tape?

Replacement PTFE Adhesive Tapes




Looking for a replacement to these PTFE Adhesive tapes? 6095-03 , 6095-05 , 6095-06 , 6095-10.  Contact

Our equivalent to these codes are

6095-03= TEFSIL 3 ADHESIVE (Techbelt)

6095-05= TEFSIL 5 ADHESIVE (Techbelt)

6095-06= TEFSIL 6 ADHESIVE (Techbelt)

6095-10= TEFSIL10 ADHESIVE (Techbelt)


PTFE adhesive tapes are high performance products providing excellent release characteristics under extreme temperatures.

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** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any code is purely to inform you of our equivalent PTFE Adhesive tape **


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