Rotary Heat Sealer Bands

Audion TT 550v Vertical Band sealer replacement

Rotary Heat Sealer Bands




Here at Techbelt we specialise in the design and manufacture of small Rotary Heat Sealer Bands can be custom made to fit any band sealer on the market. We produce all our belts in house at our facility in the UK and ship to our customer both in the UK and overseas.

There are two main materials we use which are Tefsil 3 and Tefsil 3 bronze. The bronze material is high performance material that offers extended life. Tefsil 3 is brown in colour and most common which is an excellent cost effective product to be used as a rotary heat sealing band.

Our belts can fit a wide range of machines such as the-


Bosch Doboy B-450/500

Bosch Doboy B-550


Bosch Doboy CBS-D
APM 0052008PI
OK Super Sealer SB-20
Urania Engineering

Our Bands

Our rotary sealing bands are made by taking two plies of our special bronze coloured PTFE coated glass cloth and heat bonding them to create a double layer. The twin layer band means the joint area has a uniform thickness the same as the rest of the belt.

The key advantage to this is that there will be no mark off on to the product when the joint area comes in to contact with the product being sealed. Our special bronze bands have a modified PTFE coated surface that has been extensively tested and proven to offer extended life over standard Tefsil 3 2 ply brown bands.

Most of the rotary sealing bands on the market today tend to be in brown (Tefsil 3) which does not have the modified surface.

These bands are 0.15mm(5.905512 MIL)  thick and can be cut to various different widths.

We can offer these with a standard overlap joint but we would recommend having a more durable spiral joint.

All our sealing bands are custom made in house at our UK facility.

Contact us

Please get in touch with your requirements today on +44 (0) 1422 366386 or email at

 ** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any machine brand name is to inform you of the machine type our sealing bands can be made to fit **




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