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Replacement Sandiacre Draw Down Belt

Sandiacre Draw Down Belt 270L & 225L are aftermarket draw down belts. Other version are offered in various types and sizes depending on your machine type and specification. Please note our belts are not the OEM belt however the specification is identical and provides you with a lower-cost alternative.

Here are a few common belts you can purchase from Techbelt at the moment however we will be updating this shortly for more stock sizes.

  • 270L 100 Plain – £18.90 each ex VAT
  • 270L 100 Vac –  – £44.00 each ex VAT – This belt has machined holes in the belt for air suction purposes
  • 225L 100 Plain – £16.70 each ex VAT

The drawdown belts are used on vertical form, fill and seal machines. The belts run in pairs and are used to draw down the film on Sandiacre fill and seal machines.

The inside of the belt is a specially machined Polyurethane. This is the base that the teeth are machined in to. The teeth on the base allow the belt to be driven directly and usually have a tooth free area that runs centrally down the belt. This is an area where air suction takes place when running over the vacuum bed.

The outer is made from a red rubberised surface that is usually around 40 shore hardness. A 60 shore hardness can be offered on special request. The rubber outer surface is continuous without and breaks or splices.

There are two types of the belt we label as “plain” or “Vac”. Plain belts do not have any air suction slots whereas Vac does. On the Belt is there is a milled groove or slot, this generally isn’t further countersunk or recessed.

Here is some quite Technical information draw down belts.

270 L Plain

The Sandiacre belt is supplied in a sealed plastic bag.

Number of teeth 72
Belt pitch 9.525 mm
Belt width 25.4 mm

225 L Plain

Number of teeth 60
Belt pitch 9.525 mm
Belt width 25.4 mm

270 L Vacuum

Number of teeth 72
Belt pitch 9.525 mm
Belt width 25.4 mm

If you have any other machine types of other Sandiacre draw down belt requirements, please get in touch where we can quote on UK +44 (0) 1422 366386.


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