Schott & Meissner PTFE Conveyor Belt

Custom Branding on Re-Sale PTFE Conveyor Belts

Schott & Meissner PTFE Conveyor Belt

If your Schott & Meissner PTFE conveyor belt is beginning to look a bit tired and needs replacing then why not get in touch with Techbelt to request a quotation for a new conveyor belt.

We can custom manufacture aftermarket PTFE  conveyor belts to fit any Schott & Meissner machine. If your machine requires high temperature resistant conveyor belting we only need a few details on specification.


Are all the conveyor belts you offer PTFE?

Yes we are an independent manufacturer of PTFE coated conveyor belts. We have a team of specialist fabricators that have years of experience in the manufacture of bespoke conveyor belts. All of our belts are made in our UK based facility.

Can you assist me with my specification?

We have a lot of experience in this field with Technical sales people who are also Mechanical Engineers. We are able to ask the questions required to ensure we fully understand your process and the belt specification you are using on your Schott & Meissner machine.

What is the difference between a belt made by Techbelt and a belt supplied by Schott & Meissner?

Schott & Meissner will supply a belt made from a company similar to Techbelt. A replacement supplied by Techbelt will be at a minimum the same specification. We will ensure we fully understand your belt specification prior to offering you a quotation.

How will your price compare to a belt supplied by Schott & Meissner?

Because you are buying direct from a belt manufacturing company you will save on the amount of markup that OEM’s can sometimes apply when re selling products.

How long does it take from date of order to receive a conveyor belt from Techbelt?

It depends on the type of material we need to make the belt with and the current stock levels at time of order. if the material in in stock then 5/7 working days is typical.


** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any machine brand name is to inform you of the machine type our PTFE Belts can be made to fit **


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