Screen Print Belt

Screen Print Belt
Screen Print Belt
Screen Print Belt

Screen Print Belt

If you are looking for a screen print belt then Techbelt can manufacture an aftermarket belt that will fit your machine or dryer. We generally make our belts from two grades of materials which are both PTFE coated open mesh types. Our product GM2-95-NA is a brown coloured mesh with a 4mm aperture size. This is what we refer to as a double weft product. There are two yarns in the weft direction (yards that run left to right) and they add to the overall general stability of the belt itself. This works particularly well on larger belts over 2000mm wide. The other product is a black PTFE mesh that dos not tend to have a double weft construction. These belts have a carbon loading in the PTFE (also known as Teflon) coating which provides an anti static surface. Companies such as Natgraph tend to specify this grade on their Airforce dryers.


There are many kinds of screen print dryers on the market today and we can make an aftermarket belt to fit any of the following brands. please note our belts are not genuine OEM parts and the use of any brand is only to reference the type of machines our products can be made to fit. The OEM should be contacted directly for Genuine parts.

  • Natgraph (Airforce) Dryer
  • Sanco Technology Dryer
  • Thieme Dryer
  • Panther Dryer
  • Adelco Dryer
  • MHM Dryer
  • M&R Sprint Dryer
  • Dalesway Dryer

There are some specialist applications that from time to time require a heavier duty belt. The screen printing of glass can sometimes require a belt that can resist the sharp edges better than the above mentioned materials. in this case we would recommend our KG-155-NA material. This uses a combination of heavy duty fibreglass yarns and Kevlar yarns.  The Kevlar yarns run in the warp direction while the glass yarns run in the weft direction. This forms a very stable belt and offers extended life over standard screen print belts.

For vast majority of screen print belts on the market a metal clipper fastener is used. We use a product from Flexco who are a reputable suppliers of belt fastenings mainly their product A36SP. To install these we have a special hydraulic machine which ensures the fasteners are in correctly and not likely to come loose. We can however specify a non metallic joint where required. If this is something you should need then we can offer our “bull nose loop” or “Spiral” joint. The bull nose joint is made in a similar weave pattern as the belt but is made from either Aramid (know as Kevlar) or Nomex. The spiral type of made from an extruded Peek wire that is twisted in to a spiral. All these types of joint can then be fitted together on the machine with the aid of a pin for ease of installation.

Please contact us today with any PTFE belt size you require regardless of machine size or brand – 01422 (0) 366386

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