Seamless Fusing Belts

Fusing Belts

What are Seamless Fusing Belts?

A seamless fusing belt is a PTFE coated glass cloth material that has been treated with carbon. This gives the belt surface anti static properties.

How thick is the belt?

The belt has a nominal thickness of 0.38 to 0.40mm thick. The glass cloth is woven in a continuous band and then coated with the PTFE.

What is the joint area like?

Because the belt has been woven endless, there is no joint. This means no double thickness at this area. Hence seamless.

What sizes can you offer the seamless belts at?

We offer our belts up to a maximum of 3000mm wide x 12000mm in length. Smaller sizes are also offered to fit regular machines. Just let us have your size and we can quote accordingly.

What type of machines will the belts fit?

Our seamless fuzing belts will fit a wide range of machines such as  Meyer and Hashima. We can make them to fit any fuzing machine on the market no matter how obscure.

Why would a seamless fusing belt be better than a jointed type?

Because there is no joint, the thickness of the belt stays true throughout. If you are processing delicate fabrics where it is important not to have any mark off, then a seamless belt would be beneficial. Industries such as composite fabric production benefit from these type of PTFE belts.

What is the lead time for your seamless fusing belts?

We can normally offer a lead time of around 10 to 14 days from date of order. If you require something much sooner that this, please let us know where we would be pleased to help.

Can you give me Technical backup?

Yes, our internal Technical sales team are available to assist. Call 0044 (0) 1422 366376.

You can also contact our sales team at should you prefer e mail.


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