India Solar Panel Release SheetsPTFE (Teflon) glass cloth materials are used as release materials during the solar panel lamination process.

For release sheets we tend to offer our Tefsil 10 material. This is a high quality PTFE coated glass cloth with a super smooth surface. It is important that the surface is smooth and free from imperfections. Any surface issues can cause damage to the solar panel so using a high quality Techbelt product is critical.

Our release sheets have a high level of PTFE coating. This ensures ultimate performance and multiple cycles before they need to be changed.

Our sheets can be made with an attachment loop in one or both ends as specified by the machine manufacturers. The loops need to be durable which is why we line them with a laminated layer of PTEF coated Kevlar or aramid. This prevents premature failure of the loop and maximises the life of each sheet.

Tefsil 10 is brown in colour and has a coated weight of 500g/m2.