India Solar PV Transport BeltIndia Solar PV Transport Belt SupplySolar transport belts are made from the same type of material as release sheets. They can however be black in colour which signifies they have a special antistatic coating. Techbelt manufactures and supplies lots of these belts for the German market.

We make a lot of Transport belts which all tend to have special loops at both ends. Like the release sheets we line the loops with PTFE Kevlar / Aramid for added life and protection.

We use a slightly heavier grade material for this which is Techbelt AS-37-NA. AS means anti -static. 37 means it is 0.37mm thick and NA means no adhesive.  

A common machine that uses these is the ICOLAM. Models such as the ICOLAM 44/23 MEIER, ICOLAM 38/21 and ICOLAM 36/21 all use this style of non-stick sheet.