Aftermarket Sprint ® 3000 D Belts

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Aftermarket Sprint ® 3000 D Belts




Sprint ® 3000 D Replacement Belt
 Aftermarket Sprint ® 3000 D Replacement Belt




Techbelt are manufacturers of aftermarket dryer belts for the Sprint 3000 D screen printing machine.


We manufacturer all of our belts in house at our 20,000 sq. ft UK facility.


Screen printing belts on dryers are used for curing screen printed products. They are made in a number of styles for various applications.


There are three main types of conveyorized dryers available that utilise forced air, ultra violet radiation or infra red energy. All these machines use screen printing dryer belts.

Forced air dryers are generally specified where the ink to be cured doesn’t require high intensity. This style of dryer can usually run with either PTFE screen printing belts or a polyester monofilament mesh belt.


💻Please email us for a competitive price on or visit our website

📞You can also reach us on +44 (0) 1422 366

We ship worldwide✅🌍

** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any – machine brand name or trademark name is to inform you of the machine type our belts can be made to fit-**

**We are not associated with, a licensee of, or authorised by sprint in any way**

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Techbelt USA

-Major Announcement- Techbelt USA is now officially launched, bringing premium PTFE tapes and conveyor belting to the US

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Decisive Dividend Corporation Acquires Techbelt Ltd. Documentation Below. Techbelt Customer Intro (1) Customer Presentation Techbelt – April 2024

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