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PTFE Fibreglass

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At Techbelt we have a wide range of PTFE fibreglass products on stock and available for same day dispatch.

Here are a few examples of the PTFE fibreglass types we stock.

We have many types available to choose from. These range from thin PTFE fibreglass types to more heavier duty versions.

Our materials tend to be split in to two categories. One category is PTFE fibreglass with adhesive and one is without adhesive.

Adhesive backed versions of PTFE fibreglass are detailed below.

Our products are called Tefsil tapes. They range from 0.08mm thick to 0.14mm thick as follows:

Our thinnest materials is called Tefsil 3 Adhesive. It is 0.08mm thick  and has a coated 150g per square meter

The most popular grade is Tefsil 5 Adhesive. It is 0.125mm thick and is heavier in coating at 250g per meter square. The fiberglass is also different.

Tefsil 6 Adhesive is simialr to Tefsil 6 Adhesive but with more PTFE coating. This is 0.15mm thick with a weight of 300g per square meter.

Our two heavier grades start with Tefsil 10 Adhesive. This is 0.25mm thick adn the coated weight is 485g per square meter.

Our heaviest version is called Tefsil 14 Adhesive. This material has a thickness of 0.35mm and a coated weight of 560g per square meter.

Below is some brief information on what our PTFE fibreglass is used for.

The most popular tape used is within flexible packaging. An example of use would be as a high temperature resistant release tape on a plastic sealing machine. These can be flow wrappers or and L-Sealers. The product that tends to be used on these machines is Tefsil 5 Adhesive.

Other uses for our Tefsil tape range are on UPVC profile welding machines. Our product Tefsil 6 Adhesive is often used in sheet for to stick on a hot plate. The UPVC profile is then slightly melted and then pressed against another profile to join them together.

What about your non adhesive versions of PTFE Fibreglass?

The non adhesive versions are generally fabricated in to conveyor belts. There is a much wider range of PTFE materials available in this style due to the number of specialist applications they are used for.

An example of use is for food manufacturing. Tortilla production is an industry that has a large requirement for PTFE conveyor belts as they offer good release and work at elevated temperatures.

We then offer mesh versions of PTFE conveyor belts which are used on ovens that dry products. This can range from food to textiles.

Another example for use is fabric structures.

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