Techbelt Sales Increase in Overseas Markets

Techbelt export sales are on the increase 

Over the past 12 months our overseas sales have steadily increases as we look to further promote our products and services in non UK markets.

We have steadily increased our sales within the European Union over the last few years and we are focused on continuing to do this. With a favourable exchange rate at the moment we are looking to take advantage of this and further increase our business.


We have negotiated favourable carrier rates with companies such as UPS for air freight as well as Kuehne & Nagel for mainly large items using road freight. These attractive freight prices are passed on to the customer making Techbelt competitive in all areas.

Due to our increase in sales in countries outside of the EU we have been working hard at keeping up to date with the many the different rules that apply for exporting. This ensures we are always up to date and compliant with HMRC rules and regulations.

As Britain prepares to exit the EU we see the importance of having the knowledge and infrastructure in place to make supplying our overseas clients a hassle free experience for both supplier and customer.

Web Sites

Over the coming months we will be upgrading our German specific website to ensure it is not only responsive for smart phone and tablet users but has a wealth of information for local customers to be able to easily access from anywhere whether that is on the move of based in the office. We feel we are in a good position to continue to work with, and expand, our German customer base from our UK based manufacturing site.

Also we have expanded our offering to USA markets for Specialist PTFE Tapes

We will be looking to introduce country specific online shops over the coming year meaning we can keep our costs down and remain competitive allowing us to further gain market share.

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Techbelt USA

-Major Announcement- Techbelt USA is now officially launched, bringing premium PTFE tapes and conveyor belting to the US

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