Teflon Conveyor Belt

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A Teflon conveyor belt has the same coating applied to non-stick cookware. Just like on cookware, it offers super non-stick surface and can resist high temperatures.

Teflon is a brand name of Dupont for their PTFE product range.

Non-stick coatings are what make our products unique. Because Techbelt conveyor belts are coated with PTFE and Teflon, they are used in demanding applications.

Teflon belts are used for cooking foods as well as carrying textiles through hot ovens.

Some textiles are taken through ovens to remove moisture from the fabric.

Lots of other applications require Teflon Belting. Companies that produce tortilla and flatbreads have a high demand for them. Techbelt products use special coatings. The coating assists with longer life.

We manufacture all types of Teflon mesh belting here at our facility in the UK. Teflon mesh belts can be made using several different mesh sizes. We can also make them with varying quantities of mesh.

We can produce a Teflon conveyor belt to suit all machine sizes. Some We manufacture PTFE mesh belts at over five meters in width.

We produce belts in different colours, which can depend on the applications we make them. More commonly used are blue coloured belts for processing food.

Key features are that Teflon belts are heat resistant and non-stick. They can withstand temperatures of up to 260 Celsius and as low as -73 Celsius.

The non-stick properties allow easy removal of product from the belt surface. The term easy clean is more appropriate than non-stick.

Techbelt manufactures a wide range of belts and works end-users as well as OEM’s.

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