Thermal Insulation Jackets for Pipes and Valves

Pipe and valve Thermal Insulation Jackets

Thermal Insulation Jackets

Pipe and valve Thermal Insulation Jackets

Thermal Insulation Jackets for pipes and valves from Techbelt UK.

Product Code: 45HD

Colour: Grey (Coated one side)

Size:  1500mm x 50mtr rolls

Weight: 540g/m2

Price: £550.00 per roll GBP


Thermal Insulation Jackets product 45HD is a fibreglass base fabric which has been coated or impregnated with specially formulated silicone rubber compound. It provides greater abrasion puncture and tear resistance to our base fibreglass cloth. It is engineered for the harsh environments.

It provides great life, water and oil resistance in many industrial facilities including acid plants, paper mills, and petrochemical plants.

The material is grey in colour on the out side and is especially designed to offer protection. The first form in to insulate the pipework from any cold and to prevent damage. The second protection is to prevent personnel from being burnt by any hot exposed pipework surfaces.

This material can also be used to insulate tanks and and compressors to reduce noise pollution in a number of areas.


Oil resistant, Chemical resistant

High temperature resistant, upper use temperature 260°C

Easily fabricated

Abrasion resistant

Rugged construction

High tensile strength, low elongation(less than 5‰)

How can we order this?

You can contact Techbelt via our e mail which is or call our UK Technical Sales office on +44 (0)1422 366386.

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