Tortilla Press Belt Welder

Tortilla Press Belt Welder
Tortilla Press Belt Welder
Tortilla Press Belt Welder

Our Tortilla Press Belt Welder (TBW1200) is a machine Techbelt has developed to weld PTFE belts that reduces the lengthy change over times that can be associated when fitting new belts to tortilla production lines.  The global demand for Tortilla has seen significant growth over recent years with many plants under pressure to keep operational with minimum down time. With this in mind the TBW1200 belt welder allows user to weld a belt joint in 60 seconds allowing production to start again with minimal disruption.

The conveyor belt / Tortilla press belt welder has top and bottom platens that are machined from aluminium allowing fast heat up times which are powered by two 2200 watt elements. The platen length is 1200mm (47.24”) on the model shown, however these can be manufactured to suit your specific belt width of PTFE Food Process belts

We have designed the welder with adjustable height which allows you to align to your machine suiting different belt heights depending on the type of tortilla production machine you have.

Some of the key features

  • Allows PTFE belt joints to be welded in 60 seconds
  •  Can easily be moved in to position due to discrete castors
  •  Individual platen control top and bottom
  •  Powerful 2200 watt heater elements
  •  Supplied in either single or three phase versions
  •  High quality FESTO pneumatics
  •  Custom built control panel
  •  Adjustable height to suit different machines/belt heights
  •  Machines can be built and designed to suit your exact requirement

Contact Techbelt +44 (0)1422 366386 or e mail us at to discuss your requirement where we would be glad to help with your enquiry.

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