Tracking eyelets for PTFE conveyor belts

Tracking eyelets for PTFE Belts
Tracking eyelets for PTFE Belts
Tracking eyelets for PTFE Belts

Tracking Eyelets for PTFE conveyor belts

There are a number of tracking options available from Techbelt including tracking eyelets. These include special eyelets which are inserted into the edge of a PTFE conveyor belt.

The conveyor belt is first cut to size then the edges are reinforced with a special design. The purpose of the edges being reinforced is the prevent the eyelets from from being pullet away when under tension.

The tracking eyelets are often attached to a spring. The spring is then attached to a chain via a “K-Type” attachment.

A typical centre distance for eyelets to be inserted in to the edge of the high temperature conveyor belt is 76.2mm or (3″).

One of the benefits of eyelets being sprung is that it allows the conveyor belt to be pulled across the width which allows it to lay flat.

The linear tension is done by adjusting the tension roller as normal.

The most common size of eyelet is 5mm. This means the internal diameter is 5mm. We can offer larger internal diameter eyelets upon request.


Conveyor belt eyelets are made from Nickle Chrome however it is possible to specify brass if this is something that is required for Technical reasons.

One of the most common machines to use eyelets as a means of tracking are Meyer fusing machines. Meyer has successfully used this method for a number of years with belts using 5mm internal diameter eyelets.

If you would like any advise or ideas on tracking PTFE conveyor belts our Technical sales team and a wealth of experience to offer.

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