PTFE Sealer belts

PTFE Sealer Belts – PTFE Sealer belts are ideally suited where thermal transfer through the surface of the belt is required in order to seal plastic materials.


Companies manufacturing packets of biscuits or toilet rolls would normally use these belts in order to seal the ends of the packets.

Sealer belts tend to be two belts that run in tandem on the conveyor with a hot-plate that sits in contact with the inside of the belts as they run. The heat transfers through the belts surface to the packet, sealing the plastic wrapping as it conveys it through the machine.

Although the images show belts with metal studs, we also manufacture these belts with a special raised lip which is becoming more common on newer machines from Italy. If you have a particular style of belt we can provide you with the same style which are all made from high quality materials.

Features / Benefits

The belts run with tracking studs inserted in to one edge of the belt that then locate in to a pre machined groove in the rollers of the conveyor. This prevents the belts from tracking off and extends the belts life.

The premium grade PTFE used to manufacture the belts has a non stick, high temperature resistant surface that prevents any molten plastics from building up on the belts surface.

Material Properties

• Non stick PTFE Surface
• Temperature resistant up to 260°C
• Lightweight and energy efficiency for economical operation

Additional Information

Techbelt sealer belts are supplied whether left or right handed and are boxed individually for ease of storage.

Normally held in stock for quick turnaround from order.

Download our Ptfe Sealer Belts Information Sheet (pdf).

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PTFE Sealer belts
PTFE Sealer belts