techweld release sheets

Techweld release sheets, PTFE coated glass fabrics are premium grade materials used where high volume production facilities demand a tough surface with excellent release properties. Our non stick PVC processing sheets have historically been brown or silver in colour. More recently we have started to stock a premium grade red / brown version. This is also a high performance product but has some cost advantages over the silver product. This is because some of the additives in the silver grade have increased in price over recent months.


Techweld is used as a release medium for UPVC window welding machinery covering the high temperature platens that weld the plastic faces prior to joining. The end profile of the UPVC frame that’s to be welded are pressed hard against the surface of the PTFE material. Impact repetition on the PTFE surface for prolonged periods means Techweld requires the strength to resist damage providing maximum working life with minimum down time.

Features / Benefits

Techweld PTFE coated glass fabrics are a premium grade material with a high PTFE content and special top coat providing a tough durable surface. This means maximum release and protection against damage.

The high grade non stick PTFE material prevents the build up of molten film and plastic on its surface.

Material Properties

• Temperature resistance: -73°C up to plus 260°C
• Non-Stick optimal release
• Pressure sensitive silicone adhesive
• Thermostatic cycles of 4 hours at 200°C
• Low friction
• Exceptional wear life

Additional Information

• Available in widths from 10mm up to 1000mm wide.
• Stocked at 1 x 5metre length.
• Next day dispatch.

Contact Techbelt Ltd on +44(0) 1422 366386. We are happy to provide small samples for customer evaluation which can be arranged with our sales team.

Download our Techweld Release Sheets information sheet (pdf).

techweld release sheets
techweld release sheets