What Are Adhesive Tapes- Video?

what are adhesive tapes?

What Are Adhesive Tapes- Video?

Commonly know as Teflon Adhesive Tapes, PTFE Adhesive Tapes offer excellent release characteristics whilst being able to cope with extreme temperatures.

Teflon  Tapes are manufactured with a high-temperature resistant surface with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive.

What is Teflon® Adhesive Tape?

  • PTFE adhesive tapes are often used as a release tape.
  • For the protection of sealing jaws and heat-sealing wires.
  • Used on equipment such as bag and L- sealing machines.
  • They are also used in vacuum and blister packing operations too

Features & Benefits

  • Non-stick PTFE materials prevent the build-up of molten film and plastic on its surface.
  • The temperature resistant PTFE coating allows high and low operating temperatures.
  • Our PTFE tapes come with a yellow corrugated release liner.
  • This enables fast and easy removal.
  • Manufactured in varying thicknesses to cover a wide range of applications
  • Temperature resistance: -73°C up to plus 260°C
  • Non-Stick optimal release
  • Pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive
  • Thermostatic cycles of 4 hours at 200°C
  • Low friction
  • Exceptional wear life.

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 ** Please note that our parts are not Genuine OEM and the use of any machine brand name is to inform you of the machine type our sealing bands can be made to fit **


PTFE Coated Mesh Belt

PTFE Coated Mesh Belt

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