What are Food Processing Belts?

Food Grade Belts

Food Processing belts are Conveyor belts that’s are used in the food industry. We offer our food grade belting in blue as this is a common requirement throughout food manufacturing plants today. The reason being is that blue is not naturally found in food is therefore easily detectable by the eye. Our applications include contact grill cooking, drying belts, washing, dough processing, non stick applications and steaming belts.


All our food process belts have in common specially developed coatings that work hard to prevent fat ingression and wicking as well as offering a tough surface resistant to wear and damage like scrapes and punctures from hard pieces of dough.

Material Properties

  • Temperature resistant from -73°C to +260°C
  • Chemical Inertness
  • Ultraviolet, Infrared, microwave, radio frequency resistance
  • Food Approval (USFDA)
  • Non-Stick surface

We can cater for any special requirements you require for your food processing belts i.e. (custom sizes, special widths) our dedicated sales team will be happy to help assist you with any of your needs.

Contact us for more information on our food processing belts  at or call us at 01422 366 386.

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