tortilla belts

Tortilla belts are made from PTFE coated fabrics with modified surfaces. Techbelt specialises in this area with years of experience in this field.

Flour Tortilla presses work by using a moving conveyor belt on the bottom and a sliding or fixed top plate. Balls of dough are automatically dropped on to the surface of the bottom belt from a hopper. The hopper ensures the doughballs are perfectly placed in position ready to be squashed in to the round flat disks you are familiar with.

PTFE (Teflon®) belts are used because they can work at the elevated temperatures required to process the Tortilla or flat bread. This process also requires a non-stick surface which PTFE (Teflon®) provides as the dough can be quite sticky at first.

The addition of heat quickly cooks the surface which also enables the Tortilla to release easily from the PTFE belt and top sheet.

Here are a few examples of Flour Tortilla machines on the market.

  •  Lawrence Equipment – This OEM is one of the worlds largest producers of flour Tortilla production machinery and are based in the United States and account for a large market share in this sector.
  •  Casa Herrera – Another popular company based out of California USA. Machines manufactured by this OEM tend to be found more so in the US market rather than Europe.

Lawrence equipment compatible belts have a special indexing system which allows the top head to be fixed and the bottom belt to stop and start at a given set distance. The belt moves the dough ball under the fixed head, the belt stop whilst the head comes down to squash the dough then the belt moves forward again.

In the US market the colour of Tortilla belts tends to be brown in colour however in Europe food grade blue has become more popular especially in the UK market.

Our stock material for this is PS-27-NACZ however we can also offer special cast film surface products for Lawrence type machines.