Industrial Conveyor Belting made with PTFE

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Industrial Conveyor Belting made with PTFEe
Industrial Conveyor Belting made with PTFE

Belting made with PTFE coatings

Belting is a terms used to describe general conveyor belting which comes in a range of shapes and sizes and used in a multitude of industries.

The area that Techbelt focus’s on is within the niche high temperature sector. This means that the conveyor belts we manufacture are designed to operate at higher and lower than average temperatures. In order to achieve this PTFE (commonly referred to as Teflon) is used as the main ingredient to coat the surface. This then provides the added benefit of being a non stick product which is useful in a wide range of applications. The availability of such belting materials has allowed conveyor designers to create machinery that are used within food production, textile processing along with flexible packaging and solar panel manufacturing. These are just a few examples.


Techbelt operates on a global scale with our produciont facility located in the United Kingdom. We can produce any type of PTFE coated glass cloth or Aramid (commonly known as Kevlar) to suit any size and kind of machine on the market. We welcome all enquiries too from machine / conveyor designers where we have the benefit of our technical sales team who can advise on particular areas that need to be considered when wanting to use a PTFE conveyor belt.

The picture above shows an example of closed weave belting however we also make belting from open mesh material which allow air flow. These are particularly beneficial in hot air drying ovens such as ovens for textile drying / relaxing and food processing.

If you would like to receive any information or samples from Techbelt please get touch with us at or call on +44 (0)1422 366386 where our Technical sales team will be only too glad to assist.

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