Non Stick Conveyor Belt – What is one?

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Non stick Conveyor Belt      

non stick conveyor belt
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What is a non stick conveyor belt?

A conveyor belt, in it’s most basic form, is used to move an item from point A to point B.

They are made in many forms from a wide range of different material depending on what they are required to do.

Conveyor belts for carrying suitcases at an airport are usually made from very strong construction containing special yarns for durability and hard wearing surfaces or coatings.



Can they be made endless or do they need a mechanical joint?

The type of belts manufactured here at Techbelt can be offered in both styles. Many customer like the flexibility of being able to joint the belt on to their own conveyor. This is both fast and convenient whilst keeping costs down.

There are a number of mechanical joints available and can be selected or recommended to suit specific applications. Examples of these are metal clipper types sold by companies such as Flexco or non metallic types which are made from either coated materials of special plastics in house.

What types of conveyor belt does Techbelt manufacturer?

Techbelt mainly uses PTFE (known as Teflon) coated woven fabrics and materials to make in to a belt. These materials are specialist types and are generally used in applications where heat is present. It is also specified where sticky products are required to easily be removed from the conveyor belt surface.

These type of high temperature resistant belts are made in open mesh and closed weave fabrics. They both offer the same levels of heat resistance which is 260 Celsius.   Some special material will operate up to 316 Celsius.

How long to it take to dispatch a conveyor belt from date of order?

Generally belts dispatch in around 5 to 7 working days from receipt of an order from the customer.

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