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PTFE Cast Film Laminate Belts

Techbelt has recently added PTFE cast film laminate belts to our range of products. This specialist material offers many benefits which are specifically aimed for use within food production.

How do they differ from standard materials?

Techlam materials are produced in a similar way to conventional dip coated products with the addition of either an extruded or cast film layer on the surface. This layer creates a barrier that is more resilient to fat and oil penetration which offers longer life spans over standard materials.

What can they be used for?

Laminate surface PTFE belts can used for many applications but have a focus on the following:

How many grades can we offer? for PTFE Cast Film Laminate Belts

We can offer many grades and thicknesses which can be offered depending on the application of use. Thicker versions tend to be used on contact grilling line where as thinner version maybe used for tortilla and pizza base production.

Can I have a Film Belt sample?

Yes, please contact our Technical sales team on +44 (0) 1422 366386 with your requirement and we will happily forward you a quotation and sample of the material for your evaluation.

We aim to offer the highest level of service with both short lead times and high quality. We also strive to offer the best price possible and welcome your enquiry.



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